Campaign Stories

Bye Buy Childhood – Ofcom Postcards

As part of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, Mothers’ Union members in Wales produced postcards to send to Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator in the UK, for complaints relating to television content.

Ofcom has a duty to ensure that children are protected from harm and offence and Mothers’ Union members are concerned that the watershed is not always adhered to. These cards are easy to fill in and are pre-addressed to go straight to the relevant body.

Bye Buy Childhood – Campaign Day

Mothers’ Union members encourage the church to get involved in the Bye Buy Childhood campaign. In the Salisbury area, Mothers’ Union worked with the Diocesan Children’s Adviser to run a day on the campaign, as part of their Continuing Ministerial Training Programme.

The day was attended by clergy, lay pastoral assistants and Mothers’ Union members. Participants gathered in workshops to think of practical ways in which schools and churches could bring about change. Participants demonstrated their commitment to ending the commercialisation of childhood by tying a special ribbon onto a ‘prayer net’.

Isle of Man Nursery School Campaign

Mothers’ Union members on the Isle of Man are campaigning against the Manx government’s decision to close a number of nursery schools. This has left the island under supplied in nursery education with provision for the under-fives now a postcode lottery.

Members on the island have been campaigning on the issue since 2007. They started by writing a letter to their local paper, copying in all the members of the Tynwald (the Manx Parliament). This led to a meeting with the Minister for Education, press coverage, further lobbying and the presentation of a petition to the Tynwald.

The Department for Education and Children has ceased providing any childcare and members are continuing their campaign for better and more equal funding for childcare.