Faithful in Prayer

When a believing person prays, great things happen."James 5:16

As Christians we know the importance of prayer - in our personal lives, as we support one another and as an essential foundation for our work as a charity.

But we sometimes need help to engage effectively in prayer. We value guidance in articulating our thoughts and forming our requests; we can benefit from ideas to find appropriate space for prayer and ways in which we can encourage each other.

It is good to be reminded of the truth of what prayer achieves and that God loves to hear our prayers and is ready to answer our requests, in his time and in his way.

Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness." Martin Luther


  • Prayer connects us to God and God’s power. Changes take place when we pray. Sometimes the issue is transformed, at other times we are the ones changed. Either way, God’s power is at work.
  • Prayer is a way of sharing our burden. Some problems are difficult to share with another human being. The issue may involve deep guilt or shame, making it difficult to confide in a friend. In such cases, prayer can help ease the burden.
  • Prayer puts into words what troubles us. No difficulty can be resolved until it is identified and articulated.
  • Prayer reduces feelings of helplessness. Rather than feeling as though life is out of control, when we pray, we take the first step in reclaiming our lives and putting order into chaos.
  • Prayer is a powerful reminder that we are not alone. Life’s troubles often leave us feeling isolated, lonely, and vulnerable. Prayer reminds us that we are not facing difficulty alone.
  • Prayer generates courage. We become strengthened, and more confident as a result of prayer.
  • Prayer provides us with a sense of direction. Rather than merely being tossed about on life’s sea, we receive insight, guidance, and direction from prayer.

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