Who can become a member?
In UK & Ireland membership is open to anyone who has been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and supports the Mothers' Union aims and objectives. Both women and men, married and single, can become members. However in other countries the requirements may be different.

What are the different membership options?
Please see our Join page.

How do I become a member?
Please fill in the relevant form for branch or diocesan (local) membership or central membership and we will get back to you.

How much does membership cost?
Central membership costs £30.00 if you live in the UK and £35.00 if you live outside the UK.
The cost of branch and diocesan membership varies according to diocese.

What does my subscription go towards?
Subscription to central membership helps support the Mothers’ Union centrally funded programmes. Central members receive six copies of our Christian lifestyle magazine Families First, two copies of our prayer diary Families Worldwide and the Mothers’ Union Annual Review.

£10.00 of your subscription to branch or diocesan membership will go to support Mothers’ Union centrally funded programmes. The remainder will go to support the projects carried out in your diocese. You will receive the Mothers’ Union prayer diary Families Worldwide and in some dioceses membership will also include subscription to Families First. In other dioceses subscription to Families First is separate.

How can I renew my central membership?
If you would like to renew your central membership please contact us.

Is it possible to set up a yearly direct debit so that my central membership is automatically renewed every year?
Yes it is. Please print and fill in the Central Membership Direct Debit form and return it to Mothers’ Union (the postal address is on the form). Alternatively please contact us and we will send you a form.

Which diocese do I live in? How can I contact my local diocesan office?
If you live in the UK or Ireland please refer to our UK & Ireland map to find out which diocese you live in. To ask for contact details for your diocese please contact us.

Where is my nearest branch?
Please fill in the form for branch or diocesan (local) membership and we will arrange for your nearest branch to contact you.

Do I have to be a member to volunteer with a Mothers’ Union project?
This will depend on the project and will be up to the branch or diocese running the project to decide. At the moment you do have to be a member if you would like to become a Loving for Life or Passionate about Parenting facilitator.

If you have any other queries about membership please contact us.