As Christians we are called to take action and speak out on issues of justice

Mothers’ Union members support families and communities through praying, campaigning and enabling. Campaigning is key to speaking out and in getting our message across to government and the public.

As a grassroots organisation with four million members across the world, we have a strong voice that we can use to call for change. Our members campaign locally on issues of importance, and join together to take part in national and global campaigns promoting equality and justice. Proverbs 31:8-9 tells us to ‘make our views heard… pronounce an upright verdict, defend the cause of the poor and the destitute.’

Families, in all their forms, are at the heart of all our campaigns. We work to promote stable family life and conditions in society that enable families to flourish. We listen to the needs of families and their communities and take action to support families facing adversity by challenging governments to recognise the impact of their policies on family life. We do this by enabling mothers, fathers and children to realise the value of their relationships with each other and by challenging governments and those in authority to recognise this value too.

We currently campaign on employment rights and benefits that allow families to balance work and home life; on the commercialisation of childhood, to ensure that children are not under pressure from advertising and marketing; and on gender equality so that women and girls across the world are accorded full and equal treatment and rights with men and boys.

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