Systems integration

Integrating your CMS with third-party systems

"How do we make our membership database available through our website?"

Our range of systems conform to open standards such as XML, XSLT and web services, which makes the task of integrating with other business systems much easier, whether pertaining to ERP, CRM, ESDH or other systems.

Systems integration

Picture this, you are in the process of redesigning your website and, at the same time, you are looking to upgrade the CMS to make it easier to manage your content. In addition to this, your organisation has a number of different information stores, such as contacts databases, spread around the organisation. So, how do you make this information available through your website, intranet or extranet in a way that doesn't require you to update the information in several places?

At Polemark we have more than 8 years' experience of integrating websites with other internal information systems.

So how do we go about it ?

Before starting any development work we need to have a thorough look at your existing system architecture to assess what we are dealing with. This typically involves getting access to your server, looking at the applications and, most importantly, looking at the structure of the information you need to make available through your website.

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With most information being stored in some form of database it is usually a straightforward approach to connect to the database and retrieve the data using ODBC / ADO. However, if a two-way exchange of information is required we will look to see if there are any APIs available, which makes it possible for us to use ready-made functions to retrieve and write to the database. If not, then we just have to do it the hard way... it just means it takes a little longer.

When we've completed our review of the systems in place, we will present our proposal outlining the best solution - with an estimate of the time and cost involved.

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