Web copywriting

Capturing your audience's attention

"My website has a large number of pages full of information but I'm not sure it actually engages and stimulates visitors."

Polemark can turn dull content into good quality copy that people will want to read.

Web copywriting

It's undeniable that today a website forms the first impression for a large majority of people - it's the first place they go to if they want to find out about a company, its products and services. Logic would suggest, therefore, that a website should provide a first-class user-experience and adhere to the highest communication standards.

There are a number of factors that will contribute to the customer's online experience - navigation, interface design, download speed, etc. - but content goes a long way in establishing the value of your website for each visitor. It's an opportunity to really communicate and set your company apart from your competitors but are you making the most of the opportunity?

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Content is king

With only three-to-five seconds to grab the user's attention, our copywriters:

• bring an objective view to your content

• consider the overall purpose of each page

• emphasise the most important point 

• make the text easily digestible 

We concentrate on the content of the home and section entry pages because they tend to be the most visited pages within a site and determine whether a visitor progresses or leaves the site.

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